Monetization Guide for Beginners: Audio & Video Calls

Are you ready to explore the engaging world of audio and video calls? This direct interaction is not just about building deeper connections with your most devoted fans; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to significantly boost your revenue. Let’s dive into how you can make these one-on-one sessions both rewarding and profitable.

The Appeal of Personal Calls

Personal calls, whether audio or video, are special. They allow your fans to interact with you in a more intimate and direct way. These sessions can range from friendly, safe-for-work chats to more adult-themed interactions. Your most enthusiastic fans, the ones who truly cherish your content, are often willing to pay a premium for this exclusive access.

Payment First, Always

As with all services on OnlyFans, ensure you receive payment before starting the call. If the call extends beyond the initially agreed-upon time, don’t be shy about reminding your fan that additional time means additional payment.

Diverse Call Services

You can offer a range of services through audio and video calls. Here’s a breakdown from the simplest to the most complex (and typically, the most expensive):

SFW Conversations: Casual, friendly chats just like you would have with a friend.

NSFW Conversations: This can include phone sex, JOI (jerk off instructions), and more explicit chatting.

Interactive NSFW Calls: Including activities where either the fan controls your toy, or you control theirs.

Mutual Control: A more immersive experience where you both control each other’s toys.

Industry Averages for Call Pricing

Knowing the going rates for these services helps you set competitive and fair prices:

Phone Call Pricing:

Low End: Below approximately $2 per minute.

Medium Range: Around $2 to $5 per minute.

High End: $10 or more per minute.

Video Call Pricing:

Low End: Under $5 per minute.

Medium Range: About $5 per minute.

High End: $10 or more per minute.

Platforms for Calls:

Video Calls: Often conducted on platforms like Discord for their reliability and privacy features.

Audio Calls: Can be done on Discord or through interactive apps like Lovense, which offer additional features for enhanced experiences.

Best Practices for Audio and Video Calls

Clear Communication: Set expectations about the call’s content, duration, and price beforehand.

Boundaries Are Key: Always stay within your comfort zone and adhere to OnlyFans’ content guidelines.

Quality Matters: Ensure good lighting and clear sound quality for video calls.

Privacy Protection: Use secure platforms and avoid sharing personal contact information.


Audio and video calls on OnlyFans offer a unique opportunity to grow your income while providing an exclusive experience for your fans. By understanding the dynamics of these calls and setting fair prices, you can turn this feature into a major revenue stream.

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