Selling Panties Monetization Guide for Beginners

Are you curious about the world of selling panties and how it can boost your income? While it’s a unique and potentially profitable avenue, it’s essential to navigate this path with care and smart strategy. Let’s delve into how you can monetize this request while aligning with OnlyFans’ terms and maximizing your profits.

Understanding the Market

The allure of selling panties lies in the personal connection it creates with subscribers. It’s a form of intimate merchandise that many fans cherish. However, remember that OnlyFans technically prohibits the sale of used clothing. So, how do you walk this fine line? Let’s find out!

Navigating OnlyFans’ Terms

While you can’t explicitly sell used clothing, you can imply a personal connection with the items. The key here is subtlety and implication without directly stating that the panties are used.

Packaging and Presentation

The way you package your panties can add value and maintain their allure:

Discreet Shipping: Ensure the packaging is discreet for privacy.

Preserving Essence: Vacuum sealing is a popular method to preserve the unique appeal of the panties.

Presentation Matters: A personalized note or special packaging can enhance the buyer’s experience.

Sourcing Your Merchandise

To maximize your profit, consider buying panties in bulk or opting for cost-effective options. This approach ensures that you have a steady supply without cutting too deeply into your earnings.

Pricing Your Panties

Setting the right price is crucial. Here’s a guide to industry standards:

Low End: Around $35 for one day of wear.

Medium Range: Between $50 to $75 for one day of wear.

High End: $90 or more for one day of wear.

Additional Days: Charging approximately $10 to $25 for each additional day of wear.

Best Practices for Selling Panties

Transparency: Be clear about your shipping process and what the buyer can expect.

Payment First: Always receive payment before shipping the item.

Maintain Anonymity: Use a PO Box or a mail forwarding service to keep your personal address private.

Consider Legalities: Be aware of the legalities in your region regarding selling such items.

Promote Creatively: Use your OnlyFans platform to subtly promote the availability of such items without directly violating terms.


Selling panties on OnlyFans can be a lucrative venture if done correctly. It’s all about creating a sense of intimacy and exclusivity while staying within the platform’s guidelines. With the right approach to pricing, packaging, and promotion, you can turn this unique service into a profitable aspect of your OnlyFans business.

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