Custom Photosets & Videos Monetization Guide for Beginners

Are you ready to explore the charming world of custom content creation? When a fan adores your work so much they crave something made just for them, you’re stepping into an exciting realm of personalized creativity and lucrative opportunities. Whether it’s an adorable request or something a bit more risqué, custom content can be both fulfilling and profitable. Let’s dive into how you can make these special requests shine and turn them into serious cash!

The Magic of Custom Content

Custom content is all about making a fan’s dream come true. It’s incredibly diverse – from requests for casual looks like messy buns and oversized sweatshirts to more specific, adult-themed content. Sometimes, it’s as personal as including a fan’s name or having it written on your body. The beauty of custom content lies in its uniqueness and personal touch.

Pricing Your Custom Creations

When it comes to pricing custom photosets and videos, the sky’s the limit, but knowing the market averages can give you a solid starting point:

Custom Photosets:

Low End: Below $5 per photo.

Medium Range: Around $5 per photo.

High End: Up to $10 per photo.

Custom Videos:

Low End: Less than $5 per minute.

Medium Range: $5 to $9 per minute.

High End: $10 or more per minute.

Additional Charges to Consider:

Saying Their Name: Charging $0 to $25 for saying the fan’s name adds a personal touch.

Exclusivity Fee (“For My Eyes Only”): This can range from $0 to $500, depending on how much you might lose by not sharing the content publicly.

Incorporating Their Name Visually: Adding about $10 to $90 for writing their name on your body or in the scene.

Outfits and Props: If specific attire or props are requested, the cost should typically be borne by the customer.

Best Practices for Custom Content

Understanding Requests: Get a clear idea of what the fan wants. The more details you gather, the better you can meet (or exceed) their expectations.

Payment Upfront: Always secure payment before creating and sending the content.

Set Boundaries: Make sure the requests align with your comfort zone and OnlyFans’ content policies.

Be Creative and Authentic: Each piece of custom content is a chance to showcase your creativity and connect with your fan on a personal level.


Custom content creation on OnlyFans isn’t just about earning extra; it’s about crafting unique experiences that deepen your connection with your fans. With the right approach to pricing and content creation, these personalized requests can become a significant and satisfying part of your OnlyFans journey.

And remember, if you’re looking for more insights on maximizing your OnlyFans success, ModelCash is just a click away! We’re here to help you navigate the exciting world of custom content with expert advice and tailored strategies. Book an appointment with ModelCash today, and let’s turn your creative visions into profitable realities!

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