Dick Ratings Monetization Guide for Beginners

Are you ready to explore one of the more unique and potentially profitable aspects of content creation? Yes, we’re talking about dick ratings – a service that’s in surprisingly high demand. Whether you’re delivering praise, playful teasing, or something a bit more on the edgy side, let’s navigate this niche to turn it into a profitable venture.

Understanding Dick Ratings

Dick ratings involve providing feedback or commentary on a subscriber’s intimate photo. This service can be delivered in various formats – text, voice, or video – and caters to a range of subscriber preferences, from those seeking compliments to those interested in a more humorous or even degrading critique.

Payment First, Always

The golden rule here is to secure payment upfront. Whether it’s a locked PPV message or direct payment, ensure that the transaction is complete before providing the service. This approach guarantees that your efforts are always compensated.

Pricing Your Dick Ratings

Setting the right price is key. Here’s a breakdown of what you can charge based on the format and industry averages:

Text Format (~1 paragraph):

Low End: Around $5

Medium Range: $7 to $10

High End: Up to $15

Voice Format (~1 minute):

Low End: Just under $10

Medium Range: About $15

High End: Approximately $25

Video Format (~2-3 minutes):

Low End: Starting at $15

Medium Range: Around $35

High End: $60 or more

Best Practices for Dick Ratings

Understand Your Audience: Some subscribers seek validation, others enjoy playful roasting. Tailor your approach to their preference.

Maintain Professionalism: Regardless of the content’s nature, maintain a professional demeanor. Clear communication about what you offer is key.

Be Creative: Especially for higher-priced ratings, add a unique twist or personal touch to make your service stand out.

Set Boundaries: Be clear about what you are comfortable with and stick to it. Your comfort is paramount.

Promote Your Service: Use your regular OnlyFans posts to subtly promote your dick rating services.


Dick ratings offer an interesting avenue for monetization on OnlyFans, combining creativity with personalized interaction. By setting fair prices and establishing clear boundaries, you can add an engaging and profitable element to your content offerings.

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